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psurplus.com is an asset recovery platform, it can be used for buying and selling unwanted inventories specialized in chemicals, scraps & Energy. The platform can be beneficial for companies who wants to recover their assets or want to reduce cost.

All products that can fit within Chemicals, Scraps & Energy. Products must be unwanted and in a reduced price. If you have any question, please contact us.

All products that can fit within Chemicals, Scraps & Energy. Psurplus team will only respond to offers made higher than $1000. If you have any question, please contact us.

Yes, Totally Free

all information of the users, Buyers, Sellers on psurplus.com will remain confidential and will not appear on the website nor any 3rd parties.

Customer FAQs

1.First add the product to your cart,<br/> 2. then go to 'My Cart'</br> 3. Place make your offer on the bid section or keep empty to get a quotation, 4. press Continue, select the company and inventory to which the products will be shipped.</br> 5. Press Next to review the Summary and check the Agreement box then click Next.


Premium Surplus Team will contact and ask you to make a PO with the needed info

Premium Surplus Team will assess your offer and will inform you if your offer was rejected

Use WhatsApp link or go to contact-us page and use the email form there. Our team would be more than happy to assist you

Depending on your deal terms, most of the times Psurplus.com will cover the charges of delivery to your warehouse if in USA, or to your preferred Seaport in case of international shipment.

Premium Surplus will share all the information provided by the Seller or Vendor, and will not guarantee quality or status of any product, and all products and items are being sold 'AS IS'

Vendor FAQs

go to My Account menu > products, and click Add Product

No, unless if you asked us to advertise your product on our site main page

No, but it will give a better impression on you if you delete the product when it is no longer available

6 months

you must set an asking price when listing your product

Yes, but then your product will be in review mode until our team approve it again.

Yes, only by you, or if it is 6 months old

psurplus team will contact you to share the best offer you have got on your product.

if you agreed to sell your product, psurplus will arrange all purchase order and bill of lading for you

no more than 30 days after item is picked up from your location by the freight carrier.

typeThe First Asset Recovery Market Place Specialized in Chemicals, Scraps & Energy equipment.


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